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Welcome to our little shop of memories, tradition, and the classics. Our candles are individual hand-poured at the lowest possible temperature, allowing for a better blend with our fragrance oils. This process also allows our candles to burn more gently and have a longer burn time. Our candles cure for at least 2 weeks, and each batch goes through our testing phase to ensure the best quality possible.

After each candle has cured for 2 weeks, they are then wrapped and sealed until ready to leave our boutique. This ensures the unique blend of fragrances won't fade. Soy wax is very gentle and it requires fragrances time to properly blend. Unlike paraffin wax, soy wax does not push added fragrances to the surface, It evenly distributes them throughout every molecule until well incorporated. 

Our goal is to offer quality over quantity and gifts, so our customers will have something unique and one of a kind. Our art collection is a special add-on to our boutique. We design all of the artwork ourselves, and we offer not just apparel but postcards, wall art, and home decor. 

Thank you for choosing us to deliver quality over quantity.

~ Nicholle

   Owner & Candle Maker