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Welcome to Hamynbird's Candle Boutique & Book Cafe!

We want to offer so much more than your traditional book cafe, so we've added our own additions to bring a unique flair and environment to what we hope to accomplish at HamynBird's.

HamynBird's was founded and established long before we decided how we were actually going to put it together into one, and bringing our community together was and still is our number one goal.

With the passion and drive and joy that comes with this new adventure, we have taken lots of time to understand our community and what they would enjoy most. Add that with a little of our traditional and vintage vibes and we have a modern-day classic "Mintage."

HamynBird's is pronounced HummingBirds only without the "g". We loved the idea of the word, but the spelling was common and we knew that we would find it at every turn. It is a word that easy and not very unique and we wanted to put a unique touch to our name.

So, we created the name after all of our energy had gone into our product, our plans, and putting it all into one. 

Our goal is to open a small candle boutique and book cafe In which my very own handcrafted fragrant candles will be available for those who enjoy the ambiance and aromatherapy. We have also decided to include other organically made products, as well as, sample coffee packs, and some baked treats.

We ultimately want to minimize our online shop once we have a physical location and create a space that is a home away from home for everyone not filled with technology 24/7. A space of peace and serenity.

We appreciate your love and support and can't wait to share with you the next steps of opening our doors to our community.


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