Books have been around since the beginning of time and the possibilities of a good book are endless. So we wanted to remind people of that on an everyday basis with our book cafe. A good book will make you laugh, cry, think, love, and even make new friends who love the same genre of books as yourself or who are just eager to explore a new adventure.

Books bring back fond memories and can even motivate us to take risks and pursue our dreams and goals despite the odds. Books touch every one of all ages old and young and it is how some of us learn our first words.

Our collection of books is always growing, but we wanted to bring something to the world that they can hold onto. Explore with us and purchase a new book to add to your book collection. Some will be paperback and some hardcover, but nevertheless all worth exploring.

We are geared to supporting local authors, unknown authors, yet to be discovered authors and newly published authors.


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