Let's Plant Trees

Saving our planet is our top priority and we want to get all the help we can in making our environment a cleaner place to live. We ourselves start with eco-friendly products, biodegradable and recyclable containers, and remind our customers to recycle every chance they possibly can.


We also wanted to go further and donate a portion of our sales to planting a new tree and regrowing the rainforest. This will make it possible for others to purchase the tools needed to keep this going worldwide. If we get enough individuals to help, we can continue keeping the environment clean for the next generations.

For every purchase and donation we ourselves send a portion to Escocia, a web browser extension that helps with this project of planting trees and regrowing the rainforest. Their browser extension allows everyone to search as they would any other browser such as Google, but for every search they themselves plant a tree. They never ask for anything extra, but I am sure that every donation to purchase more supplies helps.

Thank you for your contribution in making our planet a cleaner and healthier place to live.


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