"Also Human" By Caroline Elton

"Also Human" By Caroline Elton

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Also Human The Inner Lives of Doctors is a book that brings awareness, care, concern, and tears all at once by opening the readers' minds to a different world in which we have never explored.


"At the heart of this book is the problem of how emotional resilience can be identified in prospective doctors and strengthened in practicing doctors. We are fallible human beings, not omniscient gods." one quote reads.


"A vivid, compelling account of how wonder healers may struggle to find healing. Elton has helped hundreds of doctors through crises in their personal and professional lives, and her stories read as an urgent manifesto to reform the caring professions-that they might begin to care for their own."


Doctors are the people we turn to when we fall ill. They are the people we trust with the lives of those we love. Yet who can doctors turn to at moments of stress, or when their own working lives break down? What does it take to confront death, disease, distress, and suffering every day? To carry the responsibility of making decisions that can irrevocably change someone's life...or possibly end it?

Also Human offers readers true medical trauma and the hope of a brighter future for physicians and patients alike.

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